“Firstly, human should understand
himself in order to perceive psychology”

We can talk a lot about psychology, but every kind of sport has to be its own approach. Psychological approach of martial arts is pretty different compared to the approach of other kinds of sports. -To prepare yourself psychologically
-To believe in yourself
-To relieve difficulties inside yourself
-Victory over fear
-Attitude between fighters
-Approach to other kinds of sports
-Remove arrogance from inside
-Attitude against students (young and old)
-Psychological preparation of fighters to competitions, etc..

“About the psychology of “Jiyutaido”

In this paragraph I’ll elucidate you how a fighter can control himself psychologically and mentally. Unfortunately, there’s not shared enough time and not paid enough attention to psychological condition. It shows they don’t share time for consciousness in some kinds of sports. We can see that today’s young people approach kinds of sports, basically martial arts as a power tool. If we teach physical side of sport to students in early school years owing to school discipline and forget mental side, then it’s normal to see the student is not able to control himself psychologically and mentally as a result of carelessness and inexperience of trainer. Like in the kinds of sports and martial arts, one of the most important issues in “Jiyutaido” is to foster student morally in early stage, especially master should prove to his student that the most serious and dangerous opponent for him is himself.
One eastern philosopher accepted students by his own way. He made students sit face to face and fight with each other. He called this fight “fighting of hearts”. In this fighting the loser was the opponent who couldn’t stand psychological fight and resort to sword. Who resorted to sword was the loser. The role and importance of psychological preparation reverberates more vividly here. Here it’s not the main goal to shoot an arrow at a target.
Human’s to perfect his self-control improving himself by special preparations leading to moral perfection. In this regard, I’d like to draw the attention to a point that some people don’t understand. “Jiyutaido” is a peaceful kind of sport. It’s a little bit problematic thought for people. Most people think that “Jiyutaido” is a kind of sport or martial art, then it means there is aggression inside this sport. It’s not actually like that. Peacefulness seems completely different when we approach it psychophysically. In this case, new notion appears: “You come first staying behind.” Here I mean not only moral dominance, but also psychophysical dominance that the other opponent can get moral, spiritual and physical dominance under equal condition. We can see it as one of the secrets of highness.
He wants to trap his angry and aggressive opponent without striking firstly. He shows himself as psychologically and physically weak. I want to give an example for that. Once upon a time a master called Bokuden crosses to the other side of lake with boat. At this time, there was a vagabond samurai among the people on the boat. In a misbehaving and teasing way samurai says no one can reach to him. He says he is a very powerful swordsman. Samurai bothers Bokuden and calls him for a fight. All the people on the boat were listenting to Samurai gathering around him, but Bokuden was napping. This reaction drew samurai’s attention. Losing his nerve, he shamelessly asked:
– Hey, you’ve a pair of sword, why are you silent?
He answered silently.
–My martial art is better than yours. Our main goal is not to win, It consists not so much in defeating others but in not being defeated. This answer infuriated the samurai more. He asked nervously: –What kind is that? Which school is it?
Bokuden said:
–We can call it “the school of free hand”
Samurai asked:
Then why do you need a sword?
Bokuden answered:
The matter is that, I walk with sword to fight with egoism, not to kill someone. Samurai asked hardly keeping his nerve:
–Do you really want to fight without any sword, with free hand?
‘Why not?’ – he answered.
Samurai ordered the boatman to steer the boat to the shore. But Bokuden suggested to keep the boat on one of the small islands that the fighting not to be in front of society. He said it’d be better to be alone and without any bystander. Samurai accepted. When the boat approached the island samurai took his sword jumping from the boat. He immediately went shore and waited for Bokuden. Bokuden pretented as if he goes towards samurai giving his sword to the boatman without hurrying up. But quickly taking the oars from the boat he pushed the boat from the shore. Soon the boat moved away from the shore. Samurai stayed alone on the island because of his loftiness and arrogance.
Bokuden said crying to him:
–Here is my no sword school! I think all students goes through “aggressive cock” stage. Aggression begins when fighter’s self feels loneliness and vanity more. In its turn, loneliness and vanity causes fear. If you accept reality you can get rid of fear with the help of a professional master’s care and attention. The young dream to be extraordinary without strengthening morally and spiritually. They begin to be agressive diverging from truth.
Human perceives the way of real truth and getting away from agression.

“Psychological preparation in “Jiyutaido” Treatment for depression”

Psychological condition of fighter plays a great role. Psychologically strong fighter wins over enemy, however the enemy can be physically strong.
Old conceptions affect to the preparation principles of fighter so much.
Let’s look at this psychological factor widely:
Thought is like water. In ancient times they used to pay much attention when they taught martial arts. Old conceptions greatly affected for perfect preparation of fighter. When opponents came to face to face, this kind of psychological preparation manifested itself.
What is the importance of it? It’s important that the fighter’s thought must be smooth and calm like water. Like on the water it’s seen the reflection of all surrounding objects, the fighter will see and control all movements of his enemy with a quiet mind, too. There’re some movements that the opponent doesn’t show them, but the fighter already feels and sees them with a calm mind.
If there’re waves on water, then it’s hard to see the reflection of objects. Human is also like that. If fighter’s mind is confused and only thinks about attacking or defense, then he can’t control the movements of his enemy. In this condition, the enemy gets a chance. Now he thinks about different and suitable attack. Thought is like the Moon. It shines everywhere like the Moon. The fighter’s mind must be so bright and quiet that he can possibly be aware of all movements and thoughts of his opponent. If the fighter can develop these features in himself, then he can quickly react to every mistake of his opponent. And it’ll cause to win over him. Despair and anger close fighter’s eyes and mind like clouds cover the sky. As a result, fighter can’t make a right choice and hardly apply tricks.
Will and mind must unite in one point. We can take talking on the phone as an example. Analogically “physical power” can be meant the person who is talking on the phone and “volition” can be meant electrical current. It doesn’t matter how sensitive the talking person is, if there’s not any electrical current, there’ll not be any communication. As a result, there’ll not be any conversation. There are some rough manners in life. We can talk a lot about rough manners. I’ll shortly explain you 3 basic methods.
1st method: To reckon with yourself and humiliate others.
2nd mehtod: To withdraw in front of others in every work and every time.
3rd method: Not to care about others’ interests considering only your interests.
We can talk too much about psychology, but fighter must know one more thing – Never do to others what you suppose bad for yourself, too. “Get away from pomposity, it’ll take you to abyss.”