– Fighters must know themselves
– Fighters must have notion about the harmony (balance) between nature and human
– To know about meditation and its essence
– To know about basic techniques of “Jiyutaido” and the use (meaning) of kata
– To perceive the world, matereialism and idealism
– To understand the reality, etc.
The sky, the land and me – are from one root All the things and me – are from one origin Todzon Ose
When we talk about “Jiyutaido” , we’ve to know that there’s not any oppression or violence in the roots of this science. The Founder of “Jiyutaido”, Great Master Teyub Azizov said: “You can’t teach “Jiyutaido” for violence, it breaks the harmony with nature. You have to teach it to others, to those who are weak and to stop anyone to harm you. In this way, you can get the harmony between yourself and nature.
The fighters who are going in for “Jiyutaido” have to take an oath not to use for violence what they learn: “I promise to spiritual power and science of “Jiyutaido” that I’ll never use force against anybody.” It’s only then allowed to use these tricks and science when you need to protect yourself, your family, your friends, when you are under danger or have been attacked and when you abide the state laws. “Jiyutaido” shouldn’t be mixed with religion. Because when mix science with religion some factors lose its power and becomes dependent on religion. “Jiyutaido” is for all faiths. T.Azizov’s said: “Religion shouldn’t be mixed with science or other things. Religion is a way of faith, belief and a moral support when human need in difficult times. Kendo master Miyamoto Musashi said: “Respect the gods without counting on their help.” People can take it in different ways. But one thing you’ve to know, if you think everything will goes well, because God created us and we believe him, you’re wrong. Every person has to work and make an effort in order to achieve and make living.
We have to teach our students to respect elders, children, women, animals, all animate and inanimate creatures in the nature using the science of “Jiyutaido”. Fighters expand their knowledge using Zen. For example, they get to know themselves, improve their intellect, learn to get a grip on themselves, use their inner energy and meditation. Every person has to work on his own and be in a condition that when he need, he can easily combine and use his physical, spiritual power and inner energy. When human realizes himself, he’ll be able to focus on one point using all of his inner and outer power. By this way, he can concentrate on one point which he chose using his resources. He can use it in required time and moment. It’s clearly seen that, “Jiyutaido” fighter has to be able to set up internal and external movements and orient the energy and power to the needed direction to provide the concentration of energy. Unlike energy, meditation serves for relieveing of body, organism, not to tight. A human has to learn how to control inner power uniting the outer world to inner world, at the same time, to control with body in this condition. After realizing meditation it’s possible to approach it from health aspect. Meditation helps to relieve psychological tension and put back it to work as before. In “Jiyutaido”, meditation is very important, it helps fighter to realistically act, get out of extreme circumstances, to give a right decision, to use a quick and precise trick against opponent. The basis of “Jiyutaido” is its philosophy. The philosophy of this sport rests on old Eastern and Western philosophy from ancient times. Many people remember Eastern philosophy when they think about how and where the philosophy comes from. Indeed, Eastern philosophy strengthened the foundation of this sport as a basic philosophy. This philosophy was created on the basis of Yin (white) and Yang (black) from chinese philosophy. In life, everything is divided into 2 parts. If we pay attention, we can see new structures come from the elements like night and day, Sun and Moon, good and evil, cold and hot. For instance, hot+cold – warm. Mathematically it’s like a spatial circle and the vacuum inside it. If the total creation of all things is equal to zero, then separately, totality of all things is equal to zero, too (I mean, minimum). Then all the universe is equal to human, human is equal to the universe as well. At this time human can perceive the existence of universe and can get the completeness of its power. Therefore, human has to find the real way and get it. Hence, human must control the energy scattered in the body and must hold it. He has to gather his energy using the ocean called cosmic energy and remove disbelief in his soul and body with that. Purified soul and energy have to be kept in purified body. That’s why one should get the whole harmony of body. Whole harmony means physical, mental and spiritual merging. One of the ways of reality is to realize general conformability rules, in other words, to realize the adaptation of nature, society and disasters.
Eternally moving 5 elements (tree, fire, land, metal, water) and their circular motion (For ex, tree causes fire, fire creates land, land creates metal, metal causes water, water creates tree) are based on Daoism philosophy. Human has to go with natural way and enrich his morality to realize the universe. He must go with the laws of nature for that. No need to be ascetic. Simply should keep yourself temporarily away from worldly problems. One should win over them using the laws of nature. Human should reach the solution of them moving worldly problems away from the laws of nature. As a result of balancing of harmony (between human and nature) human mentally and physically grows up finding the right way. According to Daoism, soft prevails firm, weak prevails strong. For instance, water makes a hole through solid rock and splits it up dripping down on it. A wise man is the person who is soft in his movements, but firm in his work, weak in appearance, but strong in his deed. Then human realizes the word “one” changing his way, but controls many things (“One” means human and nature). Who wants to change producing “strong work”, then he has to realize himself in order to leave unpleasant works and win over difficulty. There’s not any force that can’t be outran; not any enemy that can’t be defeated.
Swiftness, belief and wit prevail brute physical force. Softness and looking weak confuse the enemy. At that time you defeat enemy using his power. When look at it through the theory of philosophy, we se that life itself is torment. Human endures this torture, because he accepts and conforms with all torture from birth till death. It’s based on the law of compliance between human and nature. But human can reach divine peace detaching himself from these torture and sins. This divine peace can be various. Lots of philosophers’ve instilled their thoughts in this way: “intensifying weak understanding”, “real worshiping”, “worshiping to holy men”, “fortifying the body and the soul to achieve the highest goal”. I can say, philosophically all thoughts overlap. In my opinion, human has to conform with the laws of nature being always in the harmony with them, therefore he has to make his body and soul obey these laws. Zen philosophy – it’s a buddhist philosophy. It accepts everything how they are. This science expresses reality and truth. This science helps people to understand the reality of nature. It helps to develop intellectual level. For ex, when we look at the Moon, we see the reflection of it and it seems as if the Moon is always moving. But it’s still. In Zen philosophy, there’s not any difference between life and death. In other words, there’s not any difference between existence and non-exsistence according to Zen philosophy. Zen raises strong fighters combining these aspects. Zen does not accept the existence of God. It doesn’t accept that the soul is between hell and heaven prostrating to God. This science nurtures a whole and purposeful human in itself. Zen philosophy invites people being introverted in life to rest on the power got as a result of harmony from nature, as a result of their might and clever. “Wishes are shouldn’t be associated with nature. But, even if for a moment shouldn’t stay indifferent to its shout”. It’s the sagacity of Zen science.
What’s the resason of not doing everything you want in the world? When you do something you should do it thoughtfully and heartily. Current work that anticipated before is not reality. “There’s not a thing in the world that is not controlled by vacuum. Doesn’t matter it’s long or short, square or circular. Only the soul going through vacuum can adjust and overlap with obstacles.” (Zen philosopher Takyan) The main route of Zen philosophy is that human must achieve the interchange of internal way, passionate, injudious wishes, dreams, fear and anger with a new way, must get love, diligence, must reach his goal, do good, create his own way and be in control of his destiny (must increase his power, enhance his wisdom, show his courage and love the people who are close to him). According to the scientific basis of Zen philosophy, human has to treat the world, nature in a rational way that any can find benevolence in his every act. In this way, human must be relieved from all negative features accumulated in his soul and replace them with good deeds (Human’s to use good resources in his body). Who feels all of these, his life becomes interesting and miraculous. Zen philisophy helps people to open the third eye, see the reality of the world and perceive the sensitivity of all five senses.
Human can reach this stage in 4 ways: Zazen (sitting position of meditation), Koan (holding dialogues and making statements), Sazen ( talking to a teacher or master, exchanging of ideas) and Physical training (it includes trainings with different martial arts). A few people who are going or not going in for martial arts have some controversies or doubts about Zen philosophy. The main question – What does Zen mean? The best answer to this question has been given by the Founder of Kyokushinkai Karate, Masutatsu Oyama! “Zen means Karate, Karate means Zen.” (from the book “The Philosophy of Karate” by M.Oyama) Some people raise objections about Zen philosophy. They say, this philosophy is very hard and it can only be perceived by Orientals. But it’s not true. Zen philosophy is in everywhere and in everything. The question – How? Simply learn heartily some tricks of “Jiyutaido”. Train not for violence, but for mental preparation. If you train heartily, then it’ll not even exist an opponent or enemy in life and victory or defeat will make no difference for you. In this condition, you can get success perceiving Zen philosophy. In the future you can at least learn how to control yorself mentally and spiritually, at the same time understand the essensiality of your work with the way of Zen philosophy. You can always get control of yourself. I tried to elucidate you the philosophy of “Jiyutaido” and founding it over old philosophies (mainly, Zen philosophy). Some philosophers and religious men claim it’s a big mistake. At the same time they say Zen philosophy is hard and impossible to perceive. Zen philosophy is around us and inside us. The greatness of this philosophy is that you can reach it (it’s possible).
Zen – it’s a whole unity, body, intention and heart. This unity is the only way that human can be in harmony with environment improving himself. It means Zen. The philosophy of “Jiyutaido” is peace and wisdom, not violence. “Jiyutaido” directs people to their improvement and lifestyle taking valuable, useful, precious, salutary thoughts from all religions. It directly helps human to become person. “Jiyutaido” is the way helping people to be in harmony with nature. This way is the way coming through inside.”.

Teyub Azizov
The Founder of “Jiyutaido”