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International Jiyutaido Federation

“Jiyutaido” means free. This kind of sport is considered for developing martial arts.
“Jiyutaido” consits of 2 versions:
“S” version
“T” version
“S” version – In this version, fighting is conducted by hand and leg tricks (choking and painful). Hit on the head by hand is banned.
“T” version – This version differs from “S” version:
Here are used boxing kicks+wresting (choking and painful). Some boxing kicks are banned (For example, hit the chest from below).
All kicks are banned in “T” version. It’s only allowed to use leg tricks.
It’s to be used protectors (guards) in “T” version:
Special head guard (covers head and face completely)
Special gauntlet (Fingers must be open to use tricks. Fists are covered with thick
Mouth guard

“About the psychology of “Jiyutaido”

Confidently stepping towards states and regions. As a new kind of sport, “Jiyutaido” is flawless creation and phenomenological success of the Master of Masters, the Founder of this sport Teyub Azizov. “Jiyutaido” has a deep meaning.
“Jiyu” – “free”
“Tai” – “fightings” (versions)
“Do” – “way”

In this sport, it’s prefered to fighting and psychological preparation. Spiritual preparation of masters and educating them in this system are one of the important factors. Fighters prepare themselves widely and with free-thinking. They approach life from real aspect and perceive it.
Having a look at other kinds of sports (Olympic games, Eastern kinds of sports, Western kinds of sports, etc), this sport is new, modern, improved and and always developing (changing) kind. This is a kind full of struggle. Its elements are rich with new, modern tricks. This kind differs with its specifics: scientific, psychological, preparation, fighting dynamics and techniques.
The fighter never tries o escape from fighting, looking for some ways to fight with the opponent, manoeuvres, seeks for continual fight (in a high temp). This sport demands from the fighter endurance, determination, will, physical preparation, high training and education.